South Point Real Estate

Imagine a home away from home, located in the heart of one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive locations and overlooking some of the world’s most expensive mega yachts. Add a waterfront restaurant, a pool and gym facilities. Then give it ultra-modern styling, include a full-service concierge, make it maintenance free and open all year, and throw in an annual return on investment. What do you have? South Point — the perfect Caribbean getaway.

South Point is located in Falmouth Harbour, the sailing capital of the Caribbean, and home of the ultra-luxury Super Yacht Charter Show, Classics Sailing Week and the world famous Antigua Sailing Week. You don’t need to be a sailor to appreciate the magnificence of some of the world’s largest yachts in this beautiful setting.

The resort is within walking distance of the main harbour complex, with its numerous restaurants and bars, offering the serenity of a five-star hotel in close proximity to all the activity.

The real estate option at South Point allows you to purchase a unit within the hotel complex. The suite you purchase is then open to you to use for up to 6 weeks, any time during the year. The suite is fully serviced year-round as any other hotel suite would be, with all facilities of the resort available for use.

During the periods when you are not using the suite, it will be utilised as part of the regular hotel inventory, thus generating income for you. You get the best of both worlds – a Caribbean getaway that pays for itself when you’re not using it.

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