No, it’s not what you’re thinking…

Tie-Up is a party which our South Point Restaurant hosts a few times a year. People arrive by boat or car for an afternoon of music, food and drinks. Just this past weekend we hosted our first one for the year of 2019, and it was packed!

Tie-Up Party: Queens Park Swizzle
There are so many things to mention that I will have to take this step by step and try not to get too excited. Firstly, there was this cute, rustic bar set up by Quin Farara which featured a Queens Park Swizzle cocktail – it’s basically a Mojito with Angostura Bitters and decorated with local mint. It was hard for our guests to resist this delicious cocktail – the name alone will have you wondering what it tastes like.

As the afternoon progressed, we had a few arrivals by boat, and soon the restaurant was filled with families, friends and kids. Tables were filled with smiles and laughter. That alone tells us the day was a success. People were sharing stories and memories, while others were captivated by the live band performance.

Asher Otto & Itchy Feet
Asher Otto & Itchyfeet began their set, and it’s hard not to be drawn in by her beautiful, raspy, sultry voice. This band has been performing at South Point for some time, as well as at other locations around the island and Caribbean. If you are ever in the English Harbour area, come check them out at South Point.

I’m sure you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned the food. Well that’s because I leave the best for last. There were so many orders, I tried to beg a few photos from the busy waitresses as they were rushing to tables of hungry people. You guys need to try the hand-cut fries with parmigiano-Reggiano and truffle oil. Are there other people who smell truffle oil and immediately need it in their life? These were a hit, along with sushi platters, Caribbean salads, burgers and seafood. It really was challenging photographing all the dishes, but I know I’ll get more chances at other South Point events in the future.

Bottom line, we hosted a great party and we can’t wait to do it again!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on events happening at South Point and follow our calendar on our website for constant updates on upcoming events. Maybe on your next trip, you can join us for the next Tie-Up.

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