South Point Real Estate

Long before the Citizenship by Investment program was introduced, South Point was established as a condo hotel for holidaymakers who want to own real estate in Antigua, without the hassle of maintenance. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘condo hotel’, South Point operates like any other luxury hotel in that a high standard is maintained throughout, luxury amenities are provided for all guests, and full time staff are employed to manage the property. While all 1-Bedroom Deluxe Suites are identical in style and layout and rented as hotel rooms, some are privately owned. Likewise, the 2-Bedroom Penthouse Suites operate in a similar manner, though only 1 Penthouse is open to hotel guests.

In addition to the rental income generated by the hotel, owners who participate in the Condo Hotel Rental Program enjoy 42 personal nights use for themselves or their guests per annum. Because the property is managed as a hotel, owners avoid the usual hassles of international holiday home ownership. Imagine visiting Antigua and not having to spend half your vacation worrying about maintenance; that’s what it means to be a South Point real estate owner.


Benefits of ownership

  • No surprises on arrival – everything will be exactly as you left it – and how you bought it
  • No general upkeep, e.g. painting, replacing old bulbs
  • No pool maintenance
  • No landscaping to attend to
  • No security concerns – especially important while you’re away

Added perks

  • A turn-key, fully-furnished and stylishly decorated beachfront vacation home
  • Pool and beach service
  • 24hr security and concierge staff to assist as needed
  • Access to a state of the art fitness centre (estimated completion November 2016
  • Access to daily housekeeping and on-site waterfront dining (additional charges apply)

In addition to the above, the South Point real estate program affords the ability to make additional rental income – without spending any personal time on the required marketing, managing, or provision of on-site services. In fact, the ultimate goal of South Point is to deliver an attractive return on investment to individual unit owners, while providing short-term hotel guests a premium room in a high-profile community.


Location, location, location

The most popular word in Real Estate is ‘Location’ – and South Point real estate does not disappoint. The property is adjacent to the Yacht Club Marina at Falmouth Harbour and within walking distance of the world’s only surviving Georgian dockyard at English Harbour. Built to cater specifically to the mega-yachts, with dockage for vessels up to 330’ with a draft of up to 20’ both stern-to and alongside, the Falmouth Harbour Marina is a particularly popular destination.

Together, these two internationally renowned marinas are visited by some of the finest yachts in the world and are also home to three of Antigua’s most popular events and great attractions; Antigua Sailing Week, held at the end of April through to May; Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in April, and the Antigua Charter Yacht Show in December. Each event attracts thousands of visitors to the area each year.

If you would like to speak to someone about investing in a South Point real estate property, please contact Jeff Hadeed, one of the primary developers.